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>> If you know the difference between it's and its, you're and your,
>> and don't write 'alot', you're probably in the top 1%-ile :)

True. Shouldn't we also need to include "should'nt" (etc.) here as well? .
These are trivially simple rules to teach/learn - so why they aren't taught
(or possibly aren't learnt) says something about the education system and
the attitude of the pupils therein.

>Agreed! And my least favourite - "I would of done it" instead of "I would
>have done it".

Also, the more subtle, but equally invidious, "When did you want to go out?"
meaning "When do you want to go out?". "How many did you want?" he said.
"Oh, I still want seven" the customer replied.

>Oh, and people who use an apostrophe to form plural's.

The proverbial Grocer's Apostrophe - Tomatoe's & Potato's (or, for the full
experience, Tomato's & Potatoe's).

And anuvver fing, wot abaht thowse peehpul 'oo prefix everyfink wiv
'actual'? The actual this, the actual that.

And many, many more...

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