This is the twelth of hopefully many weekly summaries of the London
Perl Mongers mailing list. For the week starting 2001-04-09:

Don't forget the website for meetings etc. The next meeting
is a technical meeting and is on Thursday April 19th at State 51:

Neil Ford obviously gets too much mail as he asked about scripts to
help with breaking up mailbox files. Jonathan Stowe mentioned Graham
Barr's mailtools, and Simon Cozens plugged his excellent Mail::Audit:

Andy Williams confused us all with traceroute, until we read the
manpage that is. Dominic Mitchell recommended "TCP/IP Illustrated,
Volume 1: The Protocols", which is excellent indeed:

Amongst a HTML- and uuencoded-email fest, Dominic Mitchell and Merijn
Broeren gave mutt and mailcap tips for viewing HTML emails:

The social meeting last week was a lot of fun, if a little
crazy. However, we really need to start organising the meetings (hey,
even Lonix is more organised!), as it was too loud and crowded:

Robert Shields asked about copyright and licenses for his Perl code,
which launched into the typical "GPL evil", "BSD good", "but GPL gives
back" , "write your own license", "GPL is unenforcable"
thread. Generally Perl code is distributed under the sames terms as
Perl itself, that is dual GPL and AL:

Aaron Trevena announced a piece of Perl which creates UML class
diagrams showing relationshiops, methods, attributes, etc for a bunch
of scripts/modules so that you can edit them with dia:

Dean Wilson asked about Perl on HPUX and the error: 'syntax error in
file at line 2, next 2 tokens "use strict"'. This is a clear
case of Perl 4 being installed when you expected Perl 5. There's been
some talk on how Perl 6 might avoid this mess:

Dave Cantrell announced that he had uploaded Tie::Scalar::Decay to
CPAN, which simulates radioactive decay with a fairly arbitrary
half-life of five seconds. Anyone want some PDP-11s?

And finally, Simon Cozens reckons Italy is very far for antipasti,
Paul Makepeace finds truth in Duke Nukem, and Jonathan Stowe brings
some poetry to the list:

Note that you can now subscribe just to this summary, if you don't
want the hassle of tons of london-list mail but still want to keep up:

I'm away snowboarding next week (well, okay, hurting myself trying out
all those moves I pulled off in SSX) so Simon Wistow will take over
the summary and hopefully do another wonderful job ;-), Leon
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