On Sat, Apr 14, 2001 at 08:48:10PM +1000, Damian Conway wrote:
>    > Ate, incidentally, is a contraction of Hecate, which wouldn't have
>    > scanned as well.
> Err, just quietly Dave, that proves not to be the case.
> Ate was the goddess of folly, strife, discord, and mischief.
> She was a daughter of Zeus, banished to Earth for her wickness
> in leading men astray.
> Hecate was the goddess of the night, of magic, and travel at night.
> She was a cousin of Zeus, and dwelt quietly in the Underworld.

She was also a death-goddess, and the mistress of the black arts and
of witchcraft.  And she had Cerberus as a pet.  She was especially
singled out as evil in the middle ages.  Also note the two lines after
"Cry Havoc":

   That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
   With carrion men, groaning for burial

One thing that Hecate did was running around with her dogs gathering
the souls of the wandering dead and taking them to Hades.

It seems that both Ate and Hecate would be reasonable readings.  Perhaps
Billy Shakers did that on purpose.

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