Damian Conway [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] quoth:
*>Ate was the goddess of folly, strife, discord, and mischief.
*>She was a daughter of Zeus, banished to Earth for her wickness
*>in leading men astray.
*>Hecate was the goddess of the night, of magic, and travel at night.
*>She was a cousin of Zeus, and dwelt quietly in the Underworld.

Hecate was the daughter of Zeus in another treatment of the history 
though everyone at some point was spawn of Zeus it would seem.
Ate was also the daughter of Zeus. I've never seen her referred to as a
cousin of Zeus...Zeus didn't leave too many family members around to
produce such cousins :)

She is also known as Pyrtania and the Invincible Queen.

*>The latter is much beloved of modern Goddess worshippers -- as the
*>third personification of the Goddess. They'll have your guts
*>(or worse!) for garters if they catch you confusing Her with
*>that bitch Ate ;-)

None of the gods were exactly sweetness and light. Hec'ate wasn't anyone
to sneer in the direction of Ate. :)


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