I just downloaded and had a play with the release version 1.0 of Komodo for
Windows (The Linux one is still in the RC phase) and i have to say that I'm

I know that a lot of the list are devoted to using text editors rather than
these 'new fangled' IDE's :) but i reckon this is worth a play with for three
main reasons:

1) The RX toolkit
2) Code folding
3) Reference Contents

The RX toolkit is a nice little box you can paste a regex into and
underneath you paste a string. It then shows what matches what and the
contents of the capturing parameters.

The code folding is something i was looking for a while ago and while the
beta of vim 6.0 has some support for folding subroutines (But it loses
state a lot...) Komodo lets you fold pretty much anything from subroutines
to if statements.

The last bit is something that i like as i can see it saving me adding and
removing Data::Dumper statements while debugging, I've only been playing
with this this afternoon but it seems to work as I'd expect and its nice to
have it handy without adding statements.

As a last point it even makes an attempt to guess at the keyword you were
typing when you hit ctrl-space. And it gets it right quiet often.

I know that you can do the three things i mentioned above with other
techniques but this puts them closer with less hoop jumping to use them on
a day to day basis.

Has anyone got an views on it or the Linux version?
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