On Wed 18 Apr, David Cantrell wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 18, 2001 at 10:20:51PM +0100, Dave Cross wrote:
> > bk:    <http://www.cookwood.com/cgi-bin/lcastro/perlbbs.pl?profile=bk>
> > Chris: <http://www.cookwood.com/cgi-bin/lcastro/perlbbs.pl?profile=chris>
> and for your edification, 'chris' just wrote in reply to jns:
> " And I can program better than you any day of the week. Bring it on if
>   you want a challange. I will totally blow you and any supporter away
>   in a programming match. "
But they *are* only children. ("Chris" claims to be 13 and I bet the others
are not much older.)

Far more interesting is that Castro claims that the "profiles" are copyright
1998 Elizabeth Castro.

(Although "Chris"'s website http://storedscripts.virtualave.net/ is quite,
um, entertaining ...)

(A *much* older amateur)
Roger Horne

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