Robert Shiels wrote:
> As expected, the DIMMs are PC100 and not PC133. I strongly expect
> the motherboard will not be able to use the PC133s so either we
> need to upgrade the mobo, or change the order to purchase slower
> RAM.

Er, do you mean "will not be able to use the PC133s" or "will not be able to
use the PC100s and we'll need to get even slower RAM"?

And AFAIK, if it takes SDRAM at all, you can put in whatever you want; the
speed is determined by min(mobo bus speed, memory spec speed). I've got
PC133 memory in my Celeron board (66 MHz bus) and it works fine; the memory
doesn't seem to care that it's accessed more slowly than it's capable of.
(And another bank has, I think, PC100 memory in it -- the mix-n-match
doesn't seem to be deleterious, either.)

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