From: "Philip Newton" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Er, do you mean "will not be able to use the PC133s" or "will not be able
> use the PC100s and we'll need to get even slower RAM"?
> And AFAIK, if it takes SDRAM at all, you can put in whatever you want; the
> speed is determined by min(mobo bus speed, memory spec speed). I've got
> PC133 memory in my Celeron board (66 MHz bus) and it works fine; the
> doesn't seem to care that it's accessed more slowly than it's capable of.
> (And another bank has, I think, PC100 memory in it -- the mix-n-match
> doesn't seem to be deleterious, either.)

Well, that sounds encouraging. Lets stick with the current order then - I
didn't know you could mix-n-match the two types of RAM on the same board,
I'm still thrilled that with DIMMs you don't need to add them in matching
pairs :-)

Even if there is a problem, I'll volunteer to buy the PC133 chips for my
server at home.


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