> On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, you wrote:
> > http://se71.org/myimages/pm/picklist.jpg
> > 
> > is the picklist for our server. As expected, the DIMMs are 
> PC100 and not
> > PC133. I strongly expect the motherboard will not be able 
> to use the PC133s
> > so either we need to upgrade the mobo, or change the order 
> to purchase
> > slower RAM. Can you try and do this before dabs dispatch 
> the order Alex?
> umm .. I recently obtained some new RAM and got PC133 even 
> though I only
> have a PC100 mobo and it works just fine. In general using 
> faster memory
> in a slower machine is not a problem,  but don't try it the other way
> around. The speed of memory is its minimum guaranteed speed, 
> its usually
> faster than what it says on the tin anyway.

>From http://www.directron.com/faqmemory.html
2. Can I mix PC -100 and PC-133 memory in the same system
If the system supports 100MHz memory, you can normally use
133MHz memory in it as well, and can even mix the two. However,
there would be no advantage gained as the 133MHz memory will only
run at the bus speed of 100MHz. Using the 133MHz memory will not
make the system more stable if it is being Over-clocked. Some
systems, though, will balk at the incorrect speed being reported by
the Serial Presence Detect program. We suggest using only the
memory specified by the system manufacturer, and cannot guaranty
that memory which is different than the manufacturer specifies will
be 100% compatible



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