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> ObLon.pm:  A buffy DW crossover would be cool...  In fact:
> http://members.iglou.com/scarfman/dwxst.htm

Buffy as the Doctor's assistant, now that would rock. Picture it
some shambling monster is coming down the corridor, Buffy and the
Doctor are stopped a large metal door.

D> One second my dear, i'll have this open.
*The doctor hunts around in many pockets for his sonic screwdriver,
 taking out bits of string and packets of jellybabies as he does.*
B> Hurry Doctor!
D> Yes yes, one moment here it is!
M> grrrr, *shamble*
*the doctor starts to examine the lock and mutters all the time*
B> Hurry!
D> Please quiet, this is very delicate, hmmm ... aha i think i know
*Buffy loses it, pulls down the doctor aside, kicks the door down and goes to run
 with the doctor out, but suddenly stops, turns around and proceeds to
 beat up the shambling mound*
D> What? What?
B> Don't mention it, you can make it up to me by taking me
   shopping - there is simply oodles of closet space to fill
   in the tardis.

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