On Monday, April 23, 2001, at 10:43  AM, Cross David - dcross wrote:

> Yea, I usually _AM_ the right one. WOW, I was wrong _1_ _fucking_ 
> _time_.
> Ooohhh, Davey intimidates me! That's why I kill people for a job, and 
> you
> write about perl...
> OOh, I'm scared.
> I'll shove a howitzer up _ALL_ of your asses. (Except those who defend 
> me,
> of course)...

I believe there is a cure for Tourette Syndrome. Maybe he'd like to try 

> Now, take yer lame ass fountain pens, and leave me alone. I'm in 
> Hereford,
> England on business, and have _NO_ time to deal with this I'm right/your
> wrong/i kill/you write crap.

Obviously in Hereford they don't teach them grammar.

> Data munging--- bah. Munging? If you note AOL dictionary... The only
> definition is for "mung bean".

Maybe this just says something about the AOL dictionary.


We are Perl. Your table will be assimilated. Your waiter will adapt to
service us. Surrender your beer. Resistance is futile.
  -- London.pm strategy aka "embrace and extend" aka "mark and sweep"

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