* at 25/04 09:02 +0100 Robert Shiels said:
> I've decided to set up my own company and become a contractor. There are
> quite a lot of decisions to be made, but the hardest one I'm finding is
> thinking of a company name! So far my only ideas are simply "Shiels" or
> "Shiels Consulting"; this is fairly obvious, and I already own the
> shiels.com domain. I guess I could try "Shiels Enterprises" or "Shiels Inc",
> but they seem pretty naff.
> How did contractors here come up with the names for their companies, and can
> you think of anything with Shiels in the name that sounds good. I will
> mainly be doing SAP work, but hope to get other IT work too, so don't want
> SAP in the name.

you could always try one of those anagram generators. 


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