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> Nice summary. I was going to go for "Shiels", but there is some plastics
> company in Lancs that have it already. I thought of "Shiels IT Services",
> but one potential acronym of this is not very pleasing :-)
Oh yeah, I trust you know about :

Hypertext Webster Gateway: "shiel"

>From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (web1913)

Shiel \Shiel\, n. A sheeling. [Scot.] --Burns. 

Which leads to :

Sheeling \Sheel"ing\, n. [Icel. skj?l a shelter, a cover; akin to Dan. &
Sw. skjul.] A hut or small cottage in an expessed or a retired place (as
on a mountain or at the seaside) such as is used by shepherds,
fishermen, sportsmen, etc.; a summer cottage; also, a shed. [Written
also {sheel}, {shealing}, {sheiling}, etc.] [Scot.] 

So you can pass of your company as a shelter n 1: a structure that
provides privacy and protection from danger. 

All this from playing with


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