On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 10:04:36PM +0100, Robin Szemeti wrote:

> on the one hand i _almost_ like IE as it displays images as they load and
> doesn't wait unitl it has em all b4 showing you the page (unless width
> and height tags) ..it doesnt care about missing </table> tags, it
> handles tables and CSS somewhat better than 4.7

Yeah, I was redoing my CV the other day (it's at http://www.cpio.org/~grimoire/cv.html 
if you want to employ me...) and IE handled things very nicely. I'm not exactly using 
complicated CSS, but the fact that it worked at all surprised me.

The one thing that's really bugging me is the lack of support for paged media - I've 
got a very simple rule that says that you should avoid page-breaking after the 
employer's name / details (so you get at least one paragraph of the job description 
in), but have yet to find a browser that works for this.

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 can have everything that you want." - Jareth, Labyrinth

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