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> Gets a 9, apparently.
> http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=01/04/26/1229238&mode=thread

I like the following comment (I know you've seen it, Niklas):

=for amusement

Boycott This Book!!! (Score:2, Troll)
by none2222 on Thursday April 26, @12:10PM EST (#22)
(User #161746 Info)
Have you stopped to consider the consequences of the information 
contained in
books like this? This type of effort should not be supported by the Free
Software community.

Books like this give corporations the tools they need to destroy our 
and strip us of our rights. How do you think Double Click puts the 
about you it sells into useable form? With techniques it learns from 
this type
of book. Same goes for the corporate websites you visit, your 
supermarket, etc.

Information wants to be free, but not the information in this book. Data 
and Data munging techniques should never have left the hallowed halls of 
Once they enter the public domain, they are immediately exploited by 
corporations. The author should have thought about that before writing a 
like this.

If you buy or support books like this, you have lost any right to 
complain about
your privacy being violated. If you are serious about privacy, boycott 
this book!



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