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> The real answer is since you are using a database you care about speed
> so spend three minutes reading the docs/google for your particular
> database vendor and implement whatever strategy is suggested
> (AUTO_INCREMENT, ROWID, oid, SEQUENCE, before-row-insert triggers,
> etc).

but of course .. however the topic was (somewhere along the thread)
related to portable methods to try and keep from having to change all the
SQL between different db version.

Anyway .. for 90% of web apps its its a 100:1 read/write ratio .. lots of
people browse .. occasionally one of em places a bid/ makes a purchase so
the blocking anly occurs occasionally, ... if you do it sensibly (get all
the data ready .. {lock, get max, insert, release}  the lock period is
tiny. and not really an issue.

however I stll prefer my method (implement it as a 'library' wrapper
class on DBI with the appropriate (AUTO_INCREMENT, ROWID, oid, SEQUENCE
or whatevr) technique and a library::insert($sql,@args) method) and then
you just have to plug in the approprate wrapper between your app and
todays choice of DB and in theory the app can stay the same.

Robin Szemeti

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So I installed Linux!

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