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> On topic - how come all the decent jobs are dahn sarf?

Dunno. A lot of my coursemates ended up working for a Manchester-based IT
company (Lantara?) doing network admin and web coding, but the pay wasn't
great and I'd had a better offer from Nominet, hence my move to Oxfrod.

Another friend ended up working for Oldham council doing C++ coding on
contract, and seems fairly happy with his lot.

Maybe it's because everyone in Manchester and Oop North is a horrible
luddite who doesn't see the point of this new-fangled Interweb doofer...
or, like the lecturers at UMIST, don't see why you need any languages other
than FORTH, LISP and ADA... :-)

> Off topic - have you tried Gossips, Slimelight or the 'Leccy Ballroom?

Gossips: Depends on the night. Tenebrae (once a month IIRC, Fridays) is a
very good, well-populated goth night, more trad than anything else. Club
Noir (every thursday) is a darkwave / synthpop / EBM night with piss-poor
attendance and hence no atmoshphere. Malice (every? Tuesday) is another
tradgoth night with some great playlists. The club itself is nice, but the
bar is HELLISHLY expensive.

Slimelight: Been a member for the last 3 or 4 years. The club venue is good,
the music on the downstairs floor is OK, and the top venue is hard tecnho crap.
I basically go there to see my friends rather than for any other reason. Going
there tomorrow, actually - I'll be the one in black *g*

Electric Ballroom: Only ever been to their Full Tilt night (every Friday).
Far too much skate-punk, nu-metal and dance music for my liking, and the
atmosphere is a lot more on-edge and unfriendly than most of the clubs I
frequent. Still, if you're drunk enough not to care, then there's enough loose
women in tight PVC to make it worth attending...


ObLondon.pmRef: The Bronze looks like a really good club!
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