It's my birthday so I'm trying to get together a bunch of nice people
together for drinks on Sunday.  So far quite a few (void)ers and have opted in, including ade, andym, blech, celia, duncan,
harl, pete, and last but not least, zooleika.

the plan:

A. meet at the dive bar, 48 gerrard street at 4pm

about here:

it's the bar that's part of, but underneath the kings head, on a corner
amongst china town.

we'll be there until 5pm.

i'll have my mobile, which is:


i've checked it.  it's correct.

B. maybe then go for a cocktail or two, or go for a walk in the park or
   something if it's nice
C. then we might watch a film perhaps, or eat
D. then do something that we all later regret, and swear not to let leave
   our (now) tightly bonded group.
E. then be joined by a late comer
F. find another pub and spend some time in that
G. be surprised by an accidental admission by a member of our group
H. be entertained by a bizarre coincidence
I. come up with an idea that will eventually be put into action and make
   our lives happier
J. decide to do something like find our way to a sushi bar, fail to actually
   do that, but end up doing something that we later decide was a better
   idea anyway
K. someone says something that someone else mishears.  this
   misunderstanding is never noticed by either party, and so the misheard
   person is thought of in a very unfortunate way from then on by the
L. foam tea with tapioca balls
M. go home.  probably to different homes but someone might decide to have
   a impromptu, disorganised house party.
N. miss an opportunity.

see you there!


here they come   lalalalala la   lalalalala la   the part time punks

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