> From: Dominic Mitchell [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> > Um. I no longer want children.
> You *wanted* them?  :-)

I think you need to make a distinction between which children. My own are
little darlings, not without their faults, but darlings nonetheless. I hope
I still feel the same about them when they get a bit older, but, for now,
children are on the recommended list. I'm not so sure about other people's
children though...

In contrast, an immature American teenager let loose on the world (even
though he probably doesn't realise he's talking to furriners[1]) isn't much
of an advert for children (or America for that matter) really. 


[1] If he weren't such a twit he'll compliment you on your ability with the
English language once he realises you're not American! (As in the American
lady who struck a conversation with my mother - after a few minutes the
American lady said "Gee. You come from Scotland. And you speak English so
well!"). ;-)

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