* at 11/05 11:32 +0100 Roger Burton West said:
> On or about Fri, May 11, 2001 at 10:48:41AM +0100, Jonathan Peterson typed:
> >You know, from the outside, Unix looks so well designed and clean and modern...
> >From the outside, Windows looks as if it works.
> ObRant: computers and OSes in their current state are not consumer devices.
> They're not sufficiently reliable or intuitive. Bad marketing has made
> people think they need the things; most of them are wrong...

you just have to see that people have trouble with palm's sometimes
and they are so much more simple to realise that your average fully
fledged computer in not a consumer device.

but then any reasonably flexible multi-purpose device is always going
to have a hard time being a consumer device as by it's nature it's
complex and trying to make complex things appear simple is very very

OTOH, if it was simple it's be no fun :) [1]


[1] usual caveats regarding definition of fun apply

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