On Fri, 11 May 2001, Philip Newton wrote:
> Paul Mison wrote:
> > I see you managed to subscribe anyway; I ph34r y0ur l33t 5M7P sk1llz.
> Thanks. They do come in handy quite often. (For example, when verifying an
> open relay or seeing whether it anonymises or not.)
> I remember the person who taught me SMTP; I'm grateful to him. (Though I
> suppose I could have taught myself from the RFC without too much pain; after
> all, that's how I learned to speak POP3.)

I don't see what's so difficult about learning from the RFC. :)

However, the number of people (Bloated Goats, Sexchange) who manage to get
it wrong still surprises me. And the spamware that carries on blindly even
though it gets errors....


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