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> Take a look around you. This list, being representative of the Perl 
> community, tends towards the intelligent end of the spectrum. And from what 
> I've gathered from the conversations I've had with people here, the vast 
> majority of us tend towards the left[1].

I think you are being UK-centric here and falling for the old
programmer myth that since its possible to program computers it is
also possible to "engineer" people and the economy, although the
experience of the last twenty years would suggest otherwise.

Libertarianism seems more popular than socialism on the internet as as
a whole, at least, with many American programmers.

It's my distinct (and probably biased opinion) that the popularity of
UK socialism has in long term decline since at least the late 70s and
early 80s.

There are certainly far fewer left-wing bookshops now than twenty
years ago.  Most of the young seem now more interested in single
issues like animal rights, globalisation etc then traditional

Blair will probably be elected next month of a platform which at least
in some ways resembles Thatcherism more than traditional socialism.

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