On Mon, May 14, 2001 at 11:44:11AM +0100, Matthew Jones wrote:

> The tories are going to have low tax and pay for improved public services
> through "cracking down on benefit fraud", apparently. Gah, if only someone
> had thought of that before. 'Cos you can solve a long-term underfunding
> problem by skinting out a few dodgy crusties.

You're forgetting that the Tories tried (and failed) to crack down on
benefit fraud for ten years.  That therefore makes them ideally suited
to trying again.  They learnt from their mistakes, right?

Surely they're not soooo stupid as to *not* learn from their mistakes?
And they do have proof that there really is that much 'benefit fraud'
out there?  There must be a good reason for them to have never shown
this proof to anyone else, right?

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