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> > > the pump" lobby respond by suggesting that the government 
> > >drop tax. Why don't they ever have a go at BP or Shell?
> > 
> > You don't elect BP or Shell.
> Well, precisely, they're companies, so you boycott them. Which is what I
> thought that dump the pump was originally about; boycotting oil companies in
> prrotest at their big markups (apparently). Somewhere along the way it
> seemed (to me) to be hijacked by a large chunk of the countryside alliance.

Well one advantage of BP or Shell is if you don't like either company
then you can simply choose not to purchase their products.

Unfortunately you can't "opt out" of a government you don't like in
the same way.

The American media recognised what happened as a "tax revolt".  People
aren't stupid they know the high petrol prices are the fault of UK
taxation rather than BP or Shell.

We have high petrol prices, high alchohol prices and high cigarette
prices due to the greed of the current UK government (following in the
footsteps of the Tories before).

This is not to say BP or Shell don't try and make as money as

Sure they do this is how the market works.

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