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> On Mon, May 14, 2001 at 12:11:13PM +0000, Steve Mynott wrote:
> > Well one advantage of BP or Shell is if you don't like either company
> > then you can simply choose not to purchase their products.
> So how, pray, do I opt out of the international oil companies' cartel?

Private companies often try and fix prices and limit competition but
this rarely works since usually one of the cartel members breaks the
agreement in order to make more money.

Thus OPEC agreements usually break down like they did last month when
they produced 700,000 barrels per day more than they had agreed.


My original point also stands which is there is a basic distinction
between a state which forces people to do things like pay tax and a
company (no matter how large or "nasty") which can't (even although it
still may supply a widely used product).

And of course if a company runs or has direct influence on a state and
laws are passed to favour it then we aren't talking about the market
anymore but state power.

It's a basic failing of socialism to believe that what they term
"economic power" (selling things) is more of an evil than "political
power" (putting people in prison or taking money from them).

They naively believe force (jails, guns, theft etc) can be used
responsibly to combat people's free choices of buying and selling
things, which for some strange reason they think is "wrong".

Even if their ends were right their means are based on violence and
ultimately self-defeating.

  "When leading by the way of the Tao, abominate the use of force, for
  it causes resistance, and loss of strength, showing the Tao has
  not been followed well.  Achieve results but not through
  violence, for it is against the natural way, and damages both
  others' and one's own true self."

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    "no man or group of men shall aggress upon the person or property of anyone
else."  -- murray n. rothbard

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