Steve Mynott wrote:
> I have heard of people using the D channel signalling to communicate
> for free.

I've also heard of phone companies cursing such users and trying to ban
programs that support that.

At least in Germany, there was a program (or several?) that took advantage
of the fact that when you initiate a connection, you can also transfer a
small data packet. So they would initiate a connection and include a small
data packet, then immediately tear down the connection before it was
answered, and initiate another connection with the next few bytes. All this
stuff was free (since no connection was established completely), but
apparently a lot of load on the switching network.

However, German Telecom used to have a service (don't know whether they
still do) whereby you could have an always-on connection using the D channel
with a type of Datex-P-over-ISDN (a packet-switched(?) network in Germany
where you pay by the packet rather than by the minute, and where no
permanent connections are established: a bit like UDP). So you could have
your email delivered to you, or stock ticks, or other stuff that didn't need
high bandwidth.

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