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> > Matthew Byng-Maddick wrote:
> > > He was touring with Norman Lovett, who wasn't nearly as good.
> > I found Norman Lovett really funny. Managed to keep the whole audience
> > laughing without actually saying anything for a few minutes and thena
> > few minutes more just by saying "what?"

After Chris Barrie, he wasn't as good. He was, however, a lot better than
Craig Charles (who I saw a different time).

He just seemed to be a bit depressed about being old. :/

> (Norman Lovett)++

If you say so. :)

> I've got a recording of Lovett telling a joke about my school.
> "I went to a comprehensive school in Clacton-on-Sea[1].
>  (pause)
>  I left that school with one O Level.
>  (longer pause)
>  But they caught up with me and made me give it back."

:) I think the pauses are his strong point. And this kind of joke is
actually funny when he does it. But he's a bit of a one-trick wonder

> [1] I have no reason to believe that Norman Lovett actually _did_ go to my
> school[2].
> [2] Sade did tho'. She was a couple of years older than me. Everyone hated
> her because she was a stuck-up bitch. I still can't listen to her music.

Are you older than her now? :)

MBM (feeling silly on a friday afternoon. :)

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