On Sun, 20 May 2001, Barry Pretsell wrote:
> > A problem we're currently encountering with DMP. Some dickhead in Israel
> > thinks it's clever to distribute the PDF for free from his website.
> Why do Manning sell their books online as pdf files? and do they plan to
> stop it
> now that rampant copying is taking place?

O'Reillly sell their books as HTML on cds ... 'rampant copying' of that
happens too .. but I doubt it harms them much.

Same as software really. Except the software idiots haven't quite got it
yet. There are two numbers to juggle: The number of people who would have
actually bought your product, but now don't because they have obtained a
pirate copy.   The other one is the number of people who wouldn't have
ordinarily bought your product, but having had a pirate copy, buy a real
copy next time you publish something.  It only harms your business if A
exceeds B by a significant anount.

Most people who would have actually bought a real one .. actually buy a
real one. Most dodgy copies are kept by people who wouldn't have bought
one anyway.

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