On Sun, 20 May 2001, Dave Cross wrote:
> At 00:18 20/05/2001, Dean S Wilson wrote:
>  > I suppose the issue with books as PDF is that it leaves you wide open to 
> rampant
>  > copying...
> A problem we're currently encountering with DMP. Some dickhead in Israel 
> thinks it's clever to distribute the PDF for free from his website.

ugh .. yes .. 

But do you think it actually harms sales? ... ?? would any of the people
who downloaded the PDF have actually bought a real copy? ... doubt it.
Piracy is a difficult thing to estimate the effects of.

I have in the past had a pirate copy of O'Reillys Network Bookshelf ...
but a) I would not have paid for the CD in the first place and b)  Iliked
what I saw so much that I went on to buy a whole bookcase full of
O'Reilly stuff. 

Its the same as the software industry who discover some high school kid
with 500 ripped off playstation games and promptly claim thats 20,000
dollars of lost sales .. like the kid would have spent 20,000 dollars on

So yeah .. try and get the site pulled .. (shouldn't be that hard)  but
don;t worry too much I doubt its hurting your pocket in reallity.

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