On Tue, May 22, 2001 at 04:16:16PM +0100, Chris Heathcote wrote:
> From air-conditioned tubes, thru to RIPA, to cheap petrol, it's
> bandwagon-jumping.

Ah, congratulations! You seem to have been completely politically
brainwashed; it's become so de rigeur for parties to completely
disregard the will of the people that when one actually even *claims* to
be concerned about matters that people will get up and shout about,
they're immediately decried.

It's one of those irregular verbs, isn't it: Labour is interested in
what concerns the people; the LibDems are true democrats; the Tories are
jumping on bandwagons.

Not that I'm accusing anyone of hypocracy, of course.

Perhaps bandwagon-jumping is in fact the essence of democracy.

> I have yet to see a Conservative talk eloquently and knowledgably about the
> subjects they're making promises on. 

I've yet to hear a Labour MP talk eloquently about anything at all. Anyone
ever talked - sorry, tried talking - to their MP about RIP?

> Which is fucking scary.

This is even scarier, since, under Rule One, they're probably going to get
elected again.

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