On Tue, 22 May 2001, Barry Pretsell wrote:
> Here's the leaflets given to travellers
> http://www.maff.gov.uk/animalh/int-trde/misc/foot/flyer.pdf

Strangely enough .. I have friends in North Wales who had reason to have
speach (in welsh, unsurprisingly)  with a local farmer the other day.
Seems last year he struggled to get 10 quid a head for his lambs ... and
his mate on Anglesey ended up burying his. This year he got 120 quid a
head, and someone was kind enough to turn up and shoot them all for him as
well.  Spread like wildfire in bits of North Wales it did .. amazing.  I
can't tell you how upset he was .. mainly cos its got too many 'll's in

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