On Tuesday, May 22, 2001, at 09:32  PM, David Cantrell wrote:

> I've just put a complete version of Tie::Hash::Rank on my webshite for

'webshite'?  shurely shome mishtake?

> your enjoyment.  I'd be grateful if some of you could download it and
> test it before I submit it to CPAN.
>   http://www.cantrell.org.uk/david/tech/Tie-Hash-Rank-1.0.tar.gz
> It has what I hope is a comprehensive test suite anyway, but many eyes
> make bugs leap out of the screen and bash me over the head :-)

Looks good. Also works with Attribute::TieClasses (once I had replaced
the '#!/usr/bin/perl -w' with 'use warnings', mysteriously).


$ perl -we time
Useless use of time in void context at -e line 1.

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