I'm trying to duplicate an FS from an oldish 5,400rpm 6GB IDE drive to a new
7,200rpm 61GB IDE drive using the usual cp -ax / /mnt. But it's
unbelievably slow -- vmstat 2 is reporting bi/bo around 300!

Having just compared that with my main server (10K & 7.2K SCSIs) that's
>10x slower. The thing I noticed is that the interrupts were approaching
10K/s(!) whereas on the working box they're around 1500. CPU system is
also near-pegged around 80%.

Anyone know what might be going on here?

(Linux 2.2.17, Debian woody. The 6GB is connected with an 80pin IDE
cable -- might that do it??)

Paul, who will probably end up using FreeBSD since its hardware RAID
(HPT370) and video (Matrox G450 dual) is apparently better...

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