* Robert Shiels ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> >
> > If we are at Dave's we could have a little competition, quite simply,
> > write a CGI script that takes 2 or 3 numbers (cons seats, lab seat and
> > others) and display some sort of visualisation of the numbers in
> > classic Peter Snow style. The winner is the one judged coolest by
> > the people at Dave's house. All scripts must be written in Perl
> > and URLs should be submitted on the day.
> I like this idea - is there anywhere that is providing this data in an
> easily slurpable format so that the script can actually work without user
> intervention?

we could agree that a particular URL would return the data, stick
a CGI in there, returning dummy information and then on the night
change that CGI, that way none of the visualisation scripts would
require changing

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