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>> (Anyone standing on the platform of reforming bank holidays?
>> I'd buy that for a dollar.)
>Whatever happened to the plan to do away with that nasty socialist holiday
>on Mayday and replace with something much more Jingoistic - Trafalgar Day
>wasn't it?

Um. Bad example. Unfortunately May Day is at a *really* silly point,
coming just after Easter and just before the 'Early Summer' (aka
Whitsun) Bank Holiday. (Thankfully the same arguments tend to work
against St George's Day as a bank holiday- far too jingoistic).
Unfortunately it's the only one of those three I care about.

Anyway, Trafalgar Day would be in October- that's a shite idea, the
weather's awful. We [0] want June and July holidays.... how about US
Independence Day? We've imported plenty of other ideas from them. Hmm.
Or make the Queen's Birthday celebrations be on a Monday and make that
a bank holiday, if you have to wrap things up in pageantry. (Isn't
there an extra bank holiday next year for Golden Jubilee shenanigans?)

(Wondering if this shouldn't cross the (void)/london-lists osmosis barrier)

[0] Well, I, but I'm probably not alone here.

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