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> On 01/06/2001 at 13:16 +0100, Cross David - dcross wrote:
> >
> >Whatever happened to the plan to do away with that nasty socialist
> >on Mayday and replace with something much more Jingoistic - Trafalgar Day
> >wasn't it?
> Um. Bad example. Unfortunately May Day is at a *really* silly point,
> coming just after Easter and just before the 'Early Summer' (aka
> Whitsun) Bank Holiday. 

No. _Good_ example. Neatly demonstrating the madness of baseing public
holidays around the vagaries of a minority religion. It's not Mayday that's
causing a problem here, but the three xtian dates. Abolish them and replace
them with three other holidays spaced out in a more sensible fashion.

Besides, people have been celebrating Mayday for _far_ longer than Easter.

> Anyway, Trafalgar Day would be in October- that's a shite idea, the
> weather's awful. We [0] want June and July holidays.... how about US
> Independence Day? We've imported plenty of other ideas from them. Hmm.

I wouldn't mind a holiday in late September or October. Thanks to global
warming that's often a pretty warm part of the year.

Actually, celebrating US Independence Day makes a certain amount of sense.
It's certainly a war _I'd_ have fought to lose :)

> Or make the Queen's Birthday celebrations be on a Monday and make that
> a bank holiday, if you have to wrap things up in pageantry.

Only a very short term solution. What do you do when we become a republic?
(checks - wait a minute, that pledge seems to be missing from my copy of the
Labour Manifesto, shurely shome mishtake)

> (Isn't there an extra bank holiday next year for Golden Jubilee

$deity, don't remind me. As mentioned on the walk on Monday, I think our
best hope is that the QM[1] dies at about the same time and it all cancels
out :)


[1] "But you've got to admit, she does look good for her age." Yeah, well so


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