Robert Thompson wrote:

> There's The George and Dragon just south of London Bridge. Easily walkable
> from LB station or even the City (I used to go there a lot).
> Unfortunately I haven't been there for a while, but hopefully it's still as
> good as I remember.

Sorry to speak up against the George.

It does have a lot of history, and is well worth a visit of a Saturday
Last coaching inn left from a street once full of them, Dickens drank there
It is also the only pub run by the National Trust.

Downside is that it is not all that large, and gets horribly crowded on a
summers evening.
Lots of students and workers from nearby Guys.
The tiny bar serving areas get chock-a-block.
Also, IMHO, to beer is not kept that well, and I've never had a good pint

On the accessibility front, it is not that good.
The ladies loo is on the same level, but there are steps and uneven floors
The gents loo is in a  modern block out in the courtyard.

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