On Thu, 07 Jun 2001, Tony Kennick wrote:

> On a roughly related note, can anyone recommend somewhere to look for the
> following.
> 1) Laptop screen repairs. We have had the backlight go on a gateway at
> work that is out of warrantee.

SKA system engineering ..purveyors of all manner of laptop spares 01582
477970 ..did me a backlight invertor for a toshiba for 10 quid and a new
Li battery for 65 .. the invertors usually plug in easy enough once you
get the case apart.

> 2) Cheep low end laptops. Basically don't need anything with a lot of zoom,
> just want to put linux on it to relieve train boredom. So my only real
> want is reasonably standard kit inside and battery life.


or just buy a nice new Dell ;) ...

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