On Thu, 07 Jun 2001, Dominic Mitchell wrote:

> Well, the memory stick works just fine (at least under FreeBSD).
> It just appears as a SCSI-over-USB device (and I'll wager that's how
> it's implemented in the clie as well).  I suppose that the PCMCIA memory
> stick reader does something totally different?

kewl .. thats a step forward from he situation a while ago .. excellenty
> > I just dont get why they wont release specs .. surel;y the plan is to
> > sell as many memory sticks as possible? ..or hav I missed someting?
> Pass.  Withholding developer information to *anything* seems nuts to me.

ideedy .. do they really think that by withholding info they will stop
people cloning things ? arsewipes the lot of em. as any fule kno there is
precious little that you cant do with some strong acids and an electron
microscope .. anything is possible.
> F'rinstance, I'd love the jog dial to work on my laptop, too...

and if you could make the 'stop play FF REW' buttons on my inspiron
accessible to something linuxy on my Inspiron I'd be pleased too. 

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