* Dean ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> >   There is entirely to much DLL upgrading for my liking at every possible
> >   chance with Windows software/service pack. I don't believe that this can
> >   really lead to a stable system.
> Win2k address a lot of these issues with its dll and system file control 
> programs. If you change a dll that's needed and the replacement dll
> doesn't work then the change gets tagged as a failure and rolled back by
> the system. It seems to work reasonably well, we've had no major dll screw
> ups.

how is this implemented? at filesystem level, i.e. spotting changes
of files or via special install programs?

will it work if some lunatic simple copies (or retores) a backup over
the DLLs

actually now that i mention it, time to mention the fact that although
windows has a lot of software very little of it supports any concept
of filesystems permission that has only been available since NT 
came about

> > * No compiler
> >   Why can't there be a compiler? Please just a simple one, so that if
> >   i want to write some little program for myself I can do it there and
> >   then. Its not that much to ask, it would just mean that when you get
> >   a fresh windows box you dont have to go and waste time installing
> >   additional software, and there are other examples of this ...
> (You said this is about servers) 
> Compilers on servers are a bad idea both from the security perspective
> and from a stability angle. I don't care how good a coder you are, your
> not writing code on the server. In a real production environment you need to
> test it and do change control. I have an issue with this since i got a
> phone call at 3am this morning after someone did just this.
> I only leave an interpreter on servers for my own convenience and even then
> i shouldn't. Of course if your server runs an interpreted language then yes
> you need it :)

thats fine, but what should i do the development on? maybe it should at
least be an option in the install process, and i don't mean an option
asking ....

        "Would you like Windows to grab your Credit Card number and
         order yet another expensive M$ product for you? It will be
         know trouble we can send the order when we connect to log
         other information about you and your installed software." 

> >     Editor
> Wordpad :)

calling wordpad an editor is as laughable as calling vi an editor ;-)

> >     Cron
> The at command or the task scheduler.

fine, how do you run something everyday at 3am?

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