Robin Szemeti wrote:
> seems able to find the *right* thing .. many many times the thing
> I want is in the no1 spot

Yes. google++, definitely.

Its success is probably partly because it looks at how many links point to
the page. If lots of people link to site X, then site X is probably (a)
really great and trusted by lots of people, or (b) really bad but lots of
people think it's great (M*tt's Scr*pt *rch*v*), so it'll show up further

Which reminds me of something I read in the PuTTY FAQ:

> Question: Would you like me to register you a snappier domain
> name? The PuTTY web page is hard to find.
> Answer: No, it isn't. You type "putty" into Google and it's the
> very first thing that comes back.

How true.

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