On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 10:11:13AM +0100, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> * GUI
>   I really don't want to have a server running a GUI, it adds at least some 
>   overhead, encourages people to `work on the server' and as its an additional 
>   process may add additional security concerns.       

And huge numbers of people think it's neat to run the GL screen saver
using 100% CPU, disabling interrupts so much the system clock drifts by
~10min/hour ....
>   While its possible (at least it was) to configure NT not to have a GUI,
>   the whole toolset is designed to have a GUI and GUI tools available. So
>   with Windows you are pretty much stuck with it, with UNIX, X isn't tightly
>   integrated into the OS.

Remote text-based access ... without additional software.
> * Mature Server Software
>   Windows leads the world in desktop software, however it doesn't have as
>   much mature server side software, and i'm not just talking about server
>   processes, i'm thinking about Cron, Procmail, Perl, etc.

And what there is, is integrated with the o/s (also applies to GUI): 
if the service goes AWOL it takes out the whole O/S.

> * No compiler
>   Why can't there be a compiler? Please just a simple one, so that if
>   i want to write some little program for myself I can do it there and
>   then. Its not that much to ask, it would just mean that when you get

ActiveState Perl lets you do all the damage you need shurely :-)

>   a fresh windows box you dont have to go and waste time installing
>   additional software, and there are other examples of this ...

        Anti-virus s/ware
        Intrusion Detection s/ware

>       Editor
>       Scripting language
>       Cron
> * Final reason (for now)
>   I don't trust them. 


Chris Benson

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