* Philip Newton ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Greg McCarroll wrote on Freitag, 8. Juni 2001 11:11
> >   And some pieces of software just wont be able to be plugged
> >   in - why can't i run Samba on Windows?
> Why would you want to?

* in a heterogeneous network i may want to standardise on a single SMB
  implementation so that logs, config, etc. are in the same format
* SAMBA offers functionality beyond that of the windows implementation,
  for instance i remember noting that you could link a shared ``printer''
  definition to an executable, i added a little bit of hacking, a poor 
  ps2html convertor and a webserver and i had a nice little document 
  storage/archiving system, that people could simply print to
* bugs/security holes may not be solved as quickly in MS's version
* i may be an open source zealot and want to know what is running on
  my machine down to each line of code (shame about the rest of the
  OS on this point)
* its my computer and i should be able to run what software/services
  i want and not be locked in

> AFAIK Samba implements the SMB protocol, which is the
> native resource (file, printer, ...) sharing protocol of Windows. So if you
> have Windows, you've already got an SMB client and server running.

for the same reasons people install apache on windows when they already have 
personal web server running ;-)

> Sounds a bit like "How can I port MKS's korn shell to Unix? Is it
> possible?". Well, maybe the analogy is not so hot, but it's the best I can
> think of.

but if you have the source and some time you can, and you may do it for similar 
reasons to the ones i stated above


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