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> From: "Jonathan Stowe" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > As a public service I would exhort all of you to go to this site and then
> > complain when it tells you that you are using an 'Unsupported Browser'
> > (which I guess will be more than half of you :)
> I agree that this is pants. I don't see why I need cookies, javascript and
> Java enabled. But I don't fully understand digital certificates.
> Assume for a moment that I'm using lynx on Linux, and I want to send the
> government my tax return securely. What are the security implications, can
> it actually be done. I don't want to go off half-cocked and complain about
> something when I don't fully understand why the alternative is better.

They also don't let you use Netscape on Linux, even with 128-bit encryption
and all the other security goodies.  That is just as secure as - if not
better than - IE on Windows.

So yes, the only reason for not allowing me to use it is incompetence on
the part of whichever civil 'servants' were in charge of implementing it.

This incompetence is further manifested in their choice of platform.
even if I *could* use it, I wouldn't use it anyway, as I do not have
sufficient confidence in the integrity of the server for such important
information as my (eg) medical and tax data.

> Could someone explain it to me, and give me an address to send my complaint
> to, and I'll definitely do it.

http://www.stand.org.uk should have the Fax My MP thing back soon.  I have
a long list of things to bother mine about, none of which he bothered
to answer when I asked him during the election campaign.  No surprise that
I didn't vote for the little shit then.

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