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Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 13:24:11 +0100
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Subject: Fwd: [Gllug] Geeknic  - 17th June

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>Subject: [Gllug] Geeknic  - 17th June
>Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 17:28:05 +0100
>The Geeknic is planned for Sunday 17th June.
>Please, please  publicise this to all the lists and newsgroups you know.
>The more the merrier!
>What - the Geeknic is a Geek Picnic.
>Date - Sunday 17th June
>Time - 12:30  onwards (I thought of 12:00 but that might be too early)
>Place - General Wolff's Statue, adjacent to the Observatory, Greenwich
>                 (this is a terrace overlooking London, right next to the
>one o'clock time signal)
>Bring - picnic food, cool drinks, and lashings of ginger beer
>                Plus sun screen and hats (ha! bet it rains....)
>Activities - bring frisbees, softball, kites, nerf guns and any other
>fun things to do.
>Alternate activities - there is a craft market in Greenwich, and nice
>restaurants and pubs for later on
>Computing - palmtops and laptops OK, but these shouldn't form the focus
>of the day.
>                           I may well have a car there, so we could
>consider hauling in a power supply.
>Facilities - there are toilets in the park, plus ice cream stands and a
>rather pricey cafe
>How to find us - follow the sign of the Inflatable Penguin
>                                (seriously though, we should be in the
>vicinity of the observatory. IT won't be too hard to
>                                  spot a bunch of geeks and inflatable
>penguins in Greenwich Park)
>If you are unsure about finding the place, we can swap mobile numbers
>off list.
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