This in the Opera (browser) Newsletter I received yesterday:

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> * Opera challenges UK govt to support standards *
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> The British government's prestigious gateway 
> security system only lets users 
> perform transactions when using IE. Opera challenges the 
> UK government to support World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
> standards and let British citizens enjoy full access to the
> Web from different browsers, platforms and devices.
> In the future, British users might even find that they 
> can't access the gateway, because wireless devices' 
> manufacturers increasingly are choosing other browsers than 
> IE. The British wireless consortium Symbian is an example 
> of a future leading platform not running IE.
> Opera's CTO, Håkon Lie, is currently in contact with the 
> assistant to UK's e-envoy, Andrew Pinder. Pinder's office 
> is responsible for the commissioning of the site, 
> Read the story in The Register:

I don't know whether that link was the one quoted previously.

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