On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Simon Wistow wrote:
> Somebody tell me why this is a stupid idea because I can't think of any
> obvious reason but if there wasn't then I'm sure sombody would have
> already done it [0] ...
> Similar principle to mod_perl, a perl script is run but instead of a
> normal interpreter being fired up a daemon starts (if it isn't started
> already), compiles the perl to bytecode, caches the result and then
> executes. Takes slightly longer than the normal interpreter but not
> unbearably more. 
> Next time a different script is executed the interpreter is already
> running and just evals the new script. This should be quicker than a
> normal execution. 
> The first script is run without having been modified (stat/Fam is your
> friend) you just retrieve the bytecode from the cache and execute that.
> This should be *much* quicker than normal. 

sounds like an ideal plan .. the speed of mod perl without the 'this
process will be around for years .. if it leaks, you;ll know' sort of
problems and also lets you chop and change on the fly .. sounds ace ...

is this anything like wot FastCGI does .. or is that summat different?

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