Robin Szemeti [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] quoth:
*>> What IS the mentality of idiots who attack community sites
*>> like this?
*>maybe it was just a script kiddie .. maybe it was a worm.

It wasn't anything quite so dignified. I had reinstalled the Catalog
module last month after a failed attempt to upgrade it and at the time I
didn't notice it had made the .conf files group writeable. At some point
within 30 mins of whomever this was deciding to overwrite the file broke
the catalog but not the rest of the box. I suggest that anyone else using
the Catalog module check their installation just for good measure.  

So, it was a trivial stupid thing that are usually the cause of such
problems though it didn't make my day to hear this news before I had my
first cup of coffee which may explain the note that was up on the front
page for a while.

Nothing was damaged or compromised save my ego :) 

And, as far as the idiots go, I doubt there are any fewer today then there
were yesterday. 


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