Well, as has been muttered about I am redoing the London.pm.org website.

And yes it DOES need a faq, I have the start of one, but would very much 
love someone else to finish it off.

So, If anyone is up for it give me a yell and I'll email you the XML 
that needs populating.

The website development is a dictatorship (e.g. we want it done this year 
so I'm not taking any comments or suggestions until after it's gone live), 
so no starting of huge discussions about what should go in a FAQ, if your 
interested and have an opinion, contact me and you can do it! :)

Infact now I think about it, 2 faq's would be good.

1) London.pm - the FAQs
2) General - like where to buy books online / hardware etc

So maybe there are two people out there who want to write these.


On Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 02:42:30PM +0100, Lucy McWilliam wrote:
> > I think we need a FAQ, I'm sure this has come up a few times. 
> You volunteering? ;-)

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