dha wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 10:26:18AM +0100, Leon Brocard wrote:
>> The goods have indeed arrived. I will not take any photos of it. I may
>> bring[1] it to the next social. It is a black Victoria's Secret bra.
> And will you be bringing it on tour for those of us not in the london
> area?  I'm sure MoMA would be happy to put in a temporary exhibit.  :-)

dha, if you can organise a secluded orange-walled room at the museum,
Leon can simply walk in, toss the bra in the air and leave in his wake
a wonderful contemporary site-specific art exhibit, for which I have
prepared the following description.

Victoria Bra, Secret Tango (2003)

L.A.B. Brocard 1976-

This, the third work in Brocard's acclaimed "Orange" sequence,
explodes the theme of semantic [a]chromatic aspects of visual
perception first explored in his highly successful "Buffy" series,
and fully explores the concept of supporting relationships, which
were touched on in his earlier works. The site's central artifact
is a stark reminder of the lack of support in contemporary
relationships, with the jumbled juxtaposition of its two cups,
indicative of being discarded in a hurry, symbolizing the excessive
rapidity and tautness of modern life. As always with Brocard, it is
vital to consider the intertextuality of the title of the work, in
order to deconstruct the surface meaning of the work itself and
penetrate, as it were, to the kernel of the work's "meaning", if
such a concept is still relevant in the present context. Consider,
for example, the word "Victoria": does it express the moniker of the
bra's former occupant or merely the state or district in which she
was born? And what of "Secret Tango"? Is it, in the context of the
universe that is the present work, merely indicative of the site's
location and visual perception, or does it suggest the bra's former
resident once furtively enjoyed a rhythmic dance of long gliding
steps and sudden pauses with the artist? The viewer will no doubt
at this point recall that the word "tango" rhymes with "mango" and
thereby grasp the semantic thrust of the work's title. However, the
installation itself has even more to reveal when the particularly
observant viewer speculates on the site's central device being
strapped to the bra's current owner.

This work is extremely fragile. Please do not touch.


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